Infertility is a common problem in the UK affecting one in six women and men. The causes in women may vary. There may be a functional problem, where the hormonal levels are abnormal (approx. 15%); there may be an organic reason, such as pelvic disease (20%). 30% is due to male infertility. Unexplained infertility is the most common reason in both sexes.

Conventional medicine offers many sophisticated tests and procedures to investigate and improve fertility and has been miraculous for some couples. However, the difficulty lies in treating individuals where there is a failure to conceive despite the reproductive organs appearing to work well.

How can Chinese Medicine Help with Infertility?

Chinese Medicine has recognised and treated Gynaecological problems as a specialist field for over 2000 years. According to chinese medicine, the understanding of female physiology is directly related  to the functional  relationship between the internal organs, meridians and reproductive organs. Treatment is therefore dependent on diagnosing the condition of your internal organs and checking the flow of blood and qi through specific meridians.

Chinese medicine can be most effective in treating unexplained fertility. Because Chinese medicine believes every part and function of the body is interrelated, an acupuncture practitioner will assess the entire individual and does not isolate infertility from the body’s other functions such as digestion and circulation, neither does it disregard problems relating to diet and lifestyle. An acupuncture practitioner often gives consideration to small signs and symptoms that western medicine may regard as irrelevant.

The first step to treatment for women is to regulate the menstrual cycle dealing with any abnormalities associated with it. As a consequence, Chinese medical treatments usually improve general health and alleviates menstrual problems.