AnxietyIn other parts of the world, stress is described as a western disease. With our busy lives, stress now seems an inevitable part of daily life. Whether it be work, personal relationships or even keep up hectic social schedules, there is often very little time to truly relax.

Tension across the shoulders, headaches, short temperedness, insomnia, tiredness, aches and pains, digestive disorders or pmt are all made worse when the body is stressed.

When something stresses us, our qi stagnates. If something annoys us, it makes the body tense. This impedes the free flow of energy, blood and qi and problems occur. When this smooth flow is re-established, we feel relaxed and whatever imbalance was previously caused is restored.

The movement of qi and the ability to relax the body is one of acupuncture’s best attributes. Acupuncture leaves the majority of patients feel “chilled out”, “serene”, “spaced out” or simply very relaxed. For this reason many patients continue to come for acupuncture long after their original complaint has gone.