Tennis Elbow

Which one are you?

1. Tennis Elbow
(lateral epicondylitis)
Cause & Symptoms
The onset of pain, on the outside (lateral) of the elbow, is usually gradual with tenderness felt on or below the joint’s bony prominence. Movements such as gripping, lifting and carrying tend to be troublesome.
Pain on the Outside of Elbow

2. Golfer’s Elbow
(medial epicondylitis)
Cause & Symptoms
The causes of golfers elbow are similar to tennis elbow but pain and tenderness are felt on the inside (medial) of the elbow, on or around the joint’s bony prominence.
Pain on Inside of Elbow

3. Bursitis
Cause & Symptoms
Often due to excessive leaning on the joint or a direct blow or fall onto the tip of the elbow.
A lump can often be seen and the elbow is painful at the back of the joint.
Pain at the Back of the Elbow

Doctors first identified Tennis Elbow (or lateral epicondylitis) more than 100 years ago. Today nearly half of all tennis players will suffer from this disorder at some point. Interestingly though, tennis players actually account for less than 5 percent of all reported cases making the term for this condition something of a misnomer.